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The application of Therapeutic Diets based on individuals, places and Different Seasons

The application of Therapeutic Diets based on individuals, places and Different Seasons - Every individual on Earth has a different face, basically, each individual also varies from one another in character. In addition, each individual also has a penchant for various types of food remains. for example, some people may like the cuisine that smells sharp, while much stronger to avoid it. the usual drink liquid milk consumption by most people, while some others will be affected by diarrhea when they consume milk, cucumbers are a very common food for us, nevertheless, cucumbers can cause allergies in some people, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and fever.

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The physical condition of a patient can be classified into the cold, heat, deficiency or excess. in General, a patient who was in a condition of deficiency should consume foods that contain a lot of nutrients, while things like this need not be done by the patient who was in a condition of overload. But oddly enough, some patients who are suffering from the lack of something can't accept foods that contain a lot of nutrients.

Foods rich in nutrients, making them uncomfortable and they prefer to consume regular food and natural/simple nature. for patients who suffer from diseases that are hot, hot meals and dried in the fried, baked or grilled must avoid. Some people are resistant to consume some of the lychee or longan fruit without the feel of any reaction, whereas some of the others will suffer from epistaxis (nosebleed) after consuming only 10 seeds.

Someone with excessive weight in mucus and fluid has to believe the exaggerated and may only consume food is simple and easy to digest, while that has to be believed to be in the condition of shortage and it is recommended to consume foods rich in nutrients and are able to provide plenty of fluids. In short, it is imperative that the diet therapy should be applied based on the needs and nature of every individual is different and never implement a diet therapy without such considerations.

The turn of the seasons is the other most important in diet therapy for deployment. Food remedies must be not based on the season. for example, during a steamy summer is not very realistic to provide food that is dry, hot or oily. Natural food/simple, fresh and not greasy will very in love. whereas in the winter of pasta that is rich in nutrients or ingredients that are a little greasy it is highly recommended for consumption.

From the perspective of traditional food consumed should be at a different time each day. It is highly recommended to consume food that is non-greasy and easily digestible for breakfast, and the food is fatty and rich in nutrients for lunch. strongly not recommended to consume and Digest greasy food for dinner, and after it is strongly discouraged to eat anything before going to bed at night.

The geographical condition is also a very important factor. For example, China is a vast area and when the northern part of the area was still covered in snow, the southern region has already begun to grow flowers of various colors. For the inhabitants of the northern part of pasta, rich in nutrients and foods that contain less fat, and even foods that are legitimate heat only for consumption, whereas for those living in the southern part of China is more advisable to consume foods that are cool and easy to digest than eat that greasy. Furthermore, the population in every province had different habits in terms of food and drink.

Some of them love to eat spicy and marinated, others prefer acidic food, sweet or salty. It all depends on the geographic and weather conditions that lead to the development of the Customs and culture of each of his generation. Research needs to be done at a time when it will implement a diet therapy, in order to avoid discrepancies and problems caused by ignored by the important factors in diet therapy such as differences in climate, habits and the physical condition of each individual.

Completed, the discussion that I wrote this, when you have a question or criticism and advice with the article above, please provide your comments on the available column below, may be useful, thank you.


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