How to naturally Treat Hiccups Of Potent Ingredients Kitchen

How to naturally Treat Hiccups Of Potent Ingredients Kitchen -
Everyone definitely experienced such thing hiccups. Hiccups make feeling awful and disturbing. Can even shame people affected by hiccups due to pull out of the vote. Some people often have hiccups and sometimes we all experienced it at certain times. Well this time healthy remedy will expose some of the ways and tips that can treat hiccups with natural materials and ways to overcome hiccups:

Lime Wedges.
Lemons can be used to eliminate hiccups. The trick is to slice a lemon and then chew it. The content of vitamin C in lemons can eliminate distractions on the vagus nerve in the impulse which can eliminate hiccups.

Drinking plain water.
Drink water little by little. To make it more potent anyone tell if a drink of water in the glass should be while subjecting the head and drink from the opposite glass lips lip so as not to spill.

Didangakkan neck slightly to the back,
Didangakkan neck slightly backward, then stir in a teaspoon of granulated sugar into our tongues, not swallowed. Thrash saliva formed after sugar is on the tongue. After all the sugar is dissolved, drink half a glass of water.

Put your finger into the mouth
Put your finger into the mouth and then pijatlah with smooth and gentle, not to be scratched with a fingernail.

Breathe In Plastic Bags Or Paper.
Breathe in plastic bags or paper could eliminate someone's hiccups. The trick is as follows:

Hold The Breath.
Hold your breath is one way to eliminate hiccups. Hold your breath can make the hiccups stop because carbon dioxide levels in the body rise sharply.

Sleeping With The Position Of The Body Upside Down.
Sleep by doing a reverse body condition, i.e., the distance above and below the heads make the hiccups stop. It is because when the position of the body upside down the blood circulation will be smooth as well as the circulation of oxygen to the diaphragm.

Warm water or plain water.
Warm water when hiccup could eliminate hiccups. It is because warm water can unleash a blood circulation and also oxygen in the body. How to eliminate hiccups using warm water are as follows:

Pull the breather deeply.
A capacity of breath using a plastic bag or paper bag.
Make sure the nose and mouth also go into the pockets of it.
How it could increase carbon dioxide levels in the body.
A decrease in CO2 could lead to someone exposed to hiccup.

Regulating The Breath.
Regulating the breath can eliminate hiccups. Regulating the breath can make the turn oxygen and carbon dioxide also took turns to get into the body. pull the breath in deeply can many times, hold the breath for a few minutes then put away the breath slowly.

Sleeping With The Second Bend Of The Knee.
This way can be used to eliminate hiccups. Because of the way it could increase carbon dioxide levels in the body. The trick is to sleep lying down, then two pieces of bent knees to the stomach. Do over and over.

Rock Sugar.
Mengemut sugar cubes or could be replaced with a spoonful of sugar can eliminate hiccups. The content of the sugar that is in rock sugar and sugar can also stimulate the muscles of the diaphragm. The muscles of the diaphragm which aroused could cause the diaphragm can also contract with regular.

Ice Cubes.
How to eliminate hiccups with ice cubes is very easy with 
washed away
chunk of ice cubes to the Chin and also drink droplets drops of ice produced. Of concern is do not ingest chunks of ice cubes as a hiccup. Ice cubes can interfere with the respiratory tract.

Peanut Butter.
Removes the hiccups can also use peanut butter. The trick is to use a scoop of peanut butter and then eaten. Peanut butter is useful to change the rhythm of breathing due to the womb in the existing nuts in peanut butter.

Eucalyptus Oil.
Eucalyptus contain essential oils and also taste the heat generated could eliminate hiccups. The trick is to apply eucalyptus oil to the neck and was also part of the abdomen. Sense the heat from eucalyptus oil can eliminate hiccups on a person's body.

Kunyahlah a slice of fresh lemon or lime wedges are hot and can interfere with the vagus nerve impulses polas and can eliminate hiccups.

Distract indirectly can relieve hiccups quickly. How can holding hands with very closely to arise the pain and try to distract us focus on the pain in the hand.

Eat foods such as vinegar acid believed to relieve hiccups quickly. A sour taste on vinegar can menstimulus someone's breathing, so that when you guys eat, will face automatic cringing, this process can eliminate hiccups.

How to combine and manipulate food remedies

How to combine and manipulate food remedies - Food combining drugs is something that is very important. Discrepancies in combine food ingredients will result in such benefits medicines food ineffectiveness or even harmful effects against patients. For example, only the persimmon is ripe in the autumn and dried persimmon pulp is traditional food consumed on the elderly this season to strengthen the affluent and provide a beneficial effect for lungs.

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However, if the crabs, which are also widely available in the fall, consumed together with persimmon will harm patients, because of the effect that weakens the performance of the digestive organs. This is a result of Clotting proteins contained in crab meat through the Tannic acid in the reaction in persimmon, which sometimes causes hardening of the digestive organs that make digestive functions becomes difficult. This phenomenon was discovered in the early books by zhang zhongjingSynopsis Of The Golden Chamber.

Zhang Zhingjing mentions in his book the various limitations of dairy foods, such as asthmatics are prohibited from consuming too much gingko, or the chronic sufferers forbidden to eat logan fruit or Chinese dates are excessive. satisfactory results can only be obtained when the doses and combining the right combined, if not then the effects of hazards.

Chinese cooking techniques are well known. Although most cooking techniques in diet therapy with techniques very similar to cook every day, diet therapy has some characteristics of special cooking techniques. China's food-processing techniques have various methods, such as boiling, frying, grilling, searing, roasted with seeds, roasted peanuts with a donkey, boil over low heat in quite a long time, boil with a little water, Sautéing, frying quickly and soon. The main purpose of these techniques-techniques, though how varied, Is to arouse and increase the appetite of prospective consumers.

Through a wide variety of game color, aroma and flavor that are attractive and harmonious, and the aroma of delicious that can arouse the appetite of patients. The method of cooking food diet therapy is higher than regular food. This is due to the fact that most patients lose their appetite, foods that are not cooked correctly will lower the appetite of patients and will eventually make his condition worse.

Since most medications have a sense of a strange and awful, then there is no doubt that the food must be processed drugs carefully can lead to a delicious and attractive scent. A reliable remedy foods put up and can cook delicious food drugs to the patients who are unaware that he is drug consumption. In the end, the disease incurable accidentally just because of a meal. In addition to attractive appearance, Makananan drug should be digested quickly in General, Foods medication must be lightweight, easy to digest and not greasy. Oily and fatty foods high in digestible and not ruin the appetite, and in the end, did not provide the expected effect.

That is, how to combine and manipulate food be medicine, which is useful for your readers articles about these simple health, if you have any questions or criticism and advice with the article above, please provide your comment, in the available columns below, may be useful, thank you.

The application of Therapeutic Diets based on individuals, places and Different Seasons

The application of Therapeutic Diets based on individuals, places and Different Seasons - Every individual on Earth has a different face, basically, each individual also varies from one another in character. In addition, each individual also has a penchant for various types of food remains. for example, some people may like the cuisine that smells sharp, while much stronger to avoid it. the usual drink liquid milk consumption by most people, while some others will be affected by diarrhea when they consume milk, cucumbers are a very common food for us, nevertheless, cucumbers can cause allergies in some people, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and fever.

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The physical condition of a patient can be classified into the cold, heat, deficiency or excess. in General, a patient who was in a condition of deficiency should consume foods that contain a lot of nutrients, while things like this need not be done by the patient who was in a condition of overload. But oddly enough, some patients who are suffering from the lack of something can't accept foods that contain a lot of nutrients.

Foods rich in nutrients, making them uncomfortable and they prefer to consume regular food and natural/simple nature. for patients who suffer from diseases that are hot, hot meals and dried in the fried, baked or grilled must avoid. Some people are resistant to consume some of the lychee or longan fruit without the feel of any reaction, whereas some of the others will suffer from epistaxis (nosebleed) after consuming only 10 seeds.

Someone with excessive weight in mucus and fluid has to believe the exaggerated and may only consume food is simple and easy to digest, while that has to be believed to be in the condition of shortage and it is recommended to consume foods rich in nutrients and are able to provide plenty of fluids. In short, it is imperative that the diet therapy should be applied based on the needs and nature of every individual is different and never implement a diet therapy without such considerations.

The turn of the seasons is the other most important in diet therapy for deployment. Food remedies must be not based on the season. for example, during a steamy summer is not very realistic to provide food that is dry, hot or oily. Natural food/simple, fresh and not greasy will very in love. whereas in the winter of pasta that is rich in nutrients or ingredients that are a little greasy it is highly recommended for consumption.

From the perspective of traditional food consumed should be at a different time each day. It is highly recommended to consume food that is non-greasy and easily digestible for breakfast, and the food is fatty and rich in nutrients for lunch. strongly not recommended to consume and Digest greasy food for dinner, and after it is strongly discouraged to eat anything before going to bed at night.

The geographical condition is also a very important factor. For example, China is a vast area and when the northern part of the area was still covered in snow, the southern region has already begun to grow flowers of various colors. For the inhabitants of the northern part of pasta, rich in nutrients and foods that contain less fat, and even foods that are legitimate heat only for consumption, whereas for those living in the southern part of China is more advisable to consume foods that are cool and easy to digest than eat that greasy. Furthermore, the population in every province had different habits in terms of food and drink.

Some of them love to eat spicy and marinated, others prefer acidic food, sweet or salty. It all depends on the geographic and weather conditions that lead to the development of the Customs and culture of each of his generation. Research needs to be done at a time when it will implement a diet therapy, in order to avoid discrepancies and problems caused by ignored by the important factors in diet therapy such as differences in climate, habits and the physical condition of each individual.

Completed, the discussion that I wrote this, when you have a question or criticism and advice with the article above, please provide your comments on the available column below, may be useful, thank you.

4 medicinal food recipes healers jaundice/hepatitis

Jaundice is a disease that causes the skin and eyeballs into yellow, this disease can solve the red blood cells, inflammation or abnormalities in the liver, bile duct clogging. This disease often occurs in the find on a new baby in born and rarely occurs in adults, but when it occurs in adults, usually people that too often downed alcohol.

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Then how to treat this disease, I will explain how to make drugs that are made of herbal and natural foods, see discussion below.

Food Remedies For Jaundice

That's the intent here is jaundice without gallstones or type of hemolytic jaundice, Dying with a slight fever can be desirable with the method below.

1. bone Soup and vinegar
Take 100 ml of vinegar (most good vinegar is thick), 500 grams of fresh pork bones (best spine) and red and white sugar each 125 grams.

Destroy pork bones with a mallet, then soak in vinegar. Add the brown sugar and white and then boil for half an hour. After cold immediately strain the decoction with muslin. Waste drugs and save the liquid that has been on the strain in bottles. A dose of this medicine should match with the aged sufferer:

5-10 years 10-15 ml
11-15 years-20-30 ml
Adults 30-40 ml

3 times a day after meal, one month per the recipe. Drink stopping the medication for 1 week before drinking the medicine at the next recipe. For jaundice/chronic hepatitis may be needed 2-3 recipes.

2. Powder loach fish
Save some fish for 1-2 day life loach in fresh water to clean up the grime in the animal. Bake in the oven with a temperature of 100 ° C to dry, if you don't have an oven, so the material can be boiled, then drain on top of the stove. crush into powder.

Dosage: 10 grams, three times a day. For children, the dose must be on the decrease. One recipe can last for 12-16 days. For chronic patients, multiple doses may be needed.

3. freshwater snail Soup
grab the Snail tail 10-20 snail lives in freshwater for animal 1-2 can clean the dirt in it. Breakthe shell and then remove the flesh. Mix into a cup of the wine of yellow, rinse with water and cook. Drinking water stew. You can also eat her flesh. Drink 2 times a day for some time depending on the reaction.

4. Chinese date Porridge
Clean wash 10-20 seeds Chinese dates. 100 grams of cooked rice, add dates when the water begins to boil, stirring until the porridge thickens. This slurry must eat every day in a long period of time. If you can not find the Chinese dates, you can substitute with 30 grams of the fruit of Chinese wolfberry. Cook the same as usual.

Finish the discussion above, about food recipes, to address drug jaundice/hepatitis, if you have any questions or criticism and advice. Provide your comments on the place comment available below, may be useful, thank you.

Drug Foods To Overcome Cold Illness

In traditional Chinese medicine, colds in differentiation into 2 types, types of cold wind and hot wind. Both types of this disease require the application of different medicinal foods. Here I will give the recipes, by making only food, which contains medicine, of course with natural ingredients.

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If the wind is cold: the symptoms are fever, chills, without sweating, headaches, pain all over the body, stuffy nasal congestion, pale tongue and heart pounding.To overcome cold type cold wind disease, can try prescription herbal medicine as below.

1. Stew the ginger with sugar
Main ingredients: 25 g of ginger, clean and cut into small pieces, then put in a container. Add boiling water and cover the container for 5 - 10 minutes, Add the same amount of red sugar (25 grams). Drink the stew while hot, then blanket the patient, rest and let the dust out.

2. Decoction of green onion and ginger
Main ingredients: Chives and fresh ginger, each 25 gr. Cut into small pieces. Prepare a small bowl of rice vermicelli or rice noodles or regular noodles with salt. Add pieces of ginger and spring onion. Eat the noodles, then blanket the patient, rest and let the sweat out.

Types of hot winds: symptoms are high fever, no chills, slight sweating, dry and red eyes, sore throat, headache, slightly yellowish tongue - Brass and palpitations.

1. Chrysanthemum, mint leaves and mullberry leaf
Open Chrysanthemum and mint leaves each 5 grams, bitter bamboo leaves and roots of alang - alang each - 30 grams, and 3 grams of mint leaves. Put all the ingredients in a bowl or cup, pour boiling water and cover for 10 minutes, then drink the boiled water, like drinking tea.

2. Mint candy
Boil 500 grams of sugar and sugar cane with enough water on medium heat, until it becomes sticky, then slowly add 5 ml of mint powder or mint oil and stirring constantly until the dough sticks to the mixer such as kapok. Pour the dough into a large porcelain container (coated the container with a little cooking oil). Then cut the dough that has hardened into small pieces, eat a few Cut a day for a cold that is not so severe.

Those are the 2 types of cold disease and how to treat them with medicines made from natural herbal foods, these discussions, if you have any questions or criticisms and suggestions with this article, please comment on the fields provided below.

How to Determine Car Insurance

How to Determine Car Insurance
How to Determine Car Insurance - Do not let confusion hovered in mind when you want to determine where the right car insurance. Well, for that I will give you some ways that you can use are:

Determine the type of protection that is suitable for your car
To get the right car insurance, of course, you have to determine in advance the type of protection appropriate to your car. Do Comprehensive (All Risk) or Total Lost Only (TLO)? Where Comprehensive (All Risk) will ensure partial or total damage costs that happen padamobil you and Total Lost Only (TLO) for the damage above 75% of the sum insured (the vehicle is suitable for old age).

Make sure not to be tempted by cheap premiums
One thing you need to remember, do not ever be tempted by the premium cost (below average) offered by insurance companies. It could be the company Abal Abal are just looking for profit. Instead, assume the premium cost as the premium according to the budget you have.

Be sure to know about the insurance company's workshop partners
You also need to know about bengel corporate partners such as the location of the workshop. By doing so you will be easy to contact and headed to the garage if your car is damaged.

Note the insurance package offered
Note carefully the insurance packages offered by insurance companies. Each package certainly has a different example of the type of protection, the extension of the guarantee, and premiums. The more protection offered, the greater the premium you'll pay. So, the choice fell on your hands.

Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities as a policyholder
Your rights protection means car insurance (indemnity) provided by the insurance company or any additional services you will get. While the obligation is to pay the premium every year and you are also obliged to follow the rules set by the company (the rules of payment of the premium or the time period for claims).

How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup?

How To Use Sunscreen With Makeup? - Before you start off with anything, make sure your face is clean. You don’t want to look like a mess on a summer afternoon, do you? So use fresh wipes to clean your face or simply use some rose water with cotton to massage. A mild cleanser that suits your skin would do wonders too.

Take a bit of the sunscreen now and apply all over the face and neck region. Try not to use too much of it. Otherwise, your makeup will begin to slide all over the place. Keep a tissue in hand to remove the excess.

Now, you can start applying makeup like you usually do . You will definitely need some face makeup along with translucent face powder. That will create a well-balanced look. If your skin is too oily, keep blotting paper ready in your hand.
Your makeup and sunscreen, both have been applied the right way, and you are now ready!

When Should You Apply Sunscreen?
It is best to apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 before applying makeup. Make sure to apply sunscreen before moisturizer as well as makeup. You should let the moisturizer sit in for the next 20 minutes approximately. This will prevent the powder from getting all smudged and also increase the effectiveness of the sun block.

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