Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3

Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 University

French degrees

Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 University offers a wide range of courses :
11 Undergraduate degree courses
19 Master's degree courses offering a wide range of courses to choose from, over 60 specialized fields.

15 Professional undergraduate degrees
4 DUTs (2 year institute of technology diploma)
2 DEUSTs (2 year diploma)

Lyon is the first university city in France (after Paris) with 120,000 students, 13% of whom are foreign students. There are around 30 establishments, offering an extremely wide range of higher education courses.

The research sector is very active: 10,000 researchers and teaching-researchers work in 510 public and private laboratories.

A city full of history and culture

The historical site of Lyon is home to an exceptional architectural and urban heritage. For this reason, UNESCO classed it as part of the World Heritage in 1998.

Lyon has an Opera House and a national symphony orchestra, a national centre for contemporary art, a house of dance, the Lumière cinema institute in homage to the 1st film in the history of cinema (which was made in Lyon) and a wide variety of sites of artistic creation.

There is an exceptional range on offer in all fields: film, theatre, music, dance, museums, theme cafés, university public lectures and more. Many major events punctuate cultural life: for example, the biennial dance festival, the biennial contemporary art festival, the science festival, the Nuits de Fourvière (popular and classical concerts, plus theatre, from the Roman amphitheatre). And, every year, on 8 December, the city is illuminated for the Festival of Light.

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