Universities in Belgium

Universities in European country

Universities in European countryHigher education in Belgium is organized by the country’s 2 main language communities: the Flemish Community and therefore the French Community. German-speaking students generally attend a Belgian university within the French Community, or visit study in FRG whereas French and Dutch square measure the quality languages of teaching, there also are several international programs tutored in English.

There square measure varied differing types of upper education establishment (HEI) in European country, together with universities, university faculties (called hautes ecoles within the French Community), art faculties (called ecoles supérieures des arts and solely offered within the French Community), institutes of design (only on the market within the French Community) and therefore the academy of the Belgian Army. In each Communities, there also are registered HEIs that issue specialised degrees or offer education during a foreign language, and degree programs or entire institutes that square measure recognized by a distant country instead of by the Flemish or French Communities.

As in most European countries, a bachelor’s degree typically takes 3 years to finish and a master’s degree one to 2 years. Bachelor’s degrees square measure categorised as either a ‘professional bachelor’ that features a job component, or AN ‘academic bachelor’ that is additional educational and prepares students to pursue a master’s degree. Having obtained a master’s degree, students will then pursue analysis comes resulting in a degree degree. Bachelor and master’s degrees is awarded by each faculties and universities in European country, whereas PhDs square measure solely awarded by universities.

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