The University of Paris

The University of Paris french: L'Université Diamond State Paris), usually called the Sorbonne or la Sorbonne, was noted joined of the primary universities to be established in Europe. it had been based within the mid-12th century in Paris, France, formally recognized between 1160 and 1250.Following the French Revolution, its activities were suspended from 1793 to 1896. With the expansion of upper education within the postwar years in France, in 1970 the university was divided into 13 autonomous establishments. The university is commonly cited the Sorbonne when the body establishment (college Diamond State sorbone) based around 1257 by , however it had been continually larger than the Sorbonne. Of the 13 current successor universities, four have premises within the historical Sorbonne building, and 3 of them embody "Sorbonne" in their names.

The universities in Paris square measure freelance from one another. a number of them fall among the cretei or  education authorities rather than the Parisian one. Some residual body functions of the 13 universities square measure formally supervised by a standard chancellor, the clergyman of the Paris education authority, whose offices square measure at the Sorbonne. Recently, those universities have consolidated as 2 university groups: Sorbonne Paris Cité and

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