The University of Florida

The University of FL (commonly spoken as FL or UF) is AN Americant and university settled on a two,000-acre (8.1 km2) field in north central FL. Howard and Matthew Henry Graham Greene named UF a Public Hedera helix in 2001, a publically funded university thought-about as providing a top quality of education similar to those of the Ivies.8In 2013, U.S. News & World Report stratified UF because the ordinal best public university within the us. it's a senior member of the and traces its historical origins to 1853, and has operated ceaselessly on its gift Gainesville field since Gregorian calendar month 1906.

The University of FL is AN nonappointive member of the yank university (AAU), the association of greatest North yank analysis universities. The University is assessed as a   by the   The university is authorised by the  (SACS). FL Governor Rick Scott and therefore the state law-makers selected the University of FL in concert of 2 "preeminent" state universities within the spring of 2013. it's the third largest FL university by and is that the eighth largest single-campus university within the us with forty nine,913 students registered for the autumn 2012 semester.The University of FL is home to sixteen tutorial faculties and over a hundred and fifty analysis centers and institutes. It offers multiple graduate skilled programs—including  and —on one contiguous field, and administers 123  programs and 76  programs in cardinal faculties and departments.

The University of Florida's extramural sports groups, unremarkably familiar by their "Floridanickname, vie in  (NCAA) and therefore the (SEC). In their 108-year history, the university's varsity sports groups have won cardinal national team championships, twenty-eight of that square measure NCAA titles, and alligator athletes have won 267 individual national championships.

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