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An online degree is a tutorial degree (usually a university degree, however typically the term includes highschool diplomas associate degreed non-degree certificate programs) which will be attained primarily or entirely through the utilization of an Internet-connected pc, instead of attending school in a very ancient field setting. enhancements in technology, the increasing use of the web worldwide, and also the would like for individuals to possess versatile college schedules whereas they're operating have diode to a proliferation of on-line faculties that award associate, bachelor's, master's, and scholarly person degrees.

The goal of academic certification, consistent with the us Department of Education, is to make sure that programs provided by establishments of upper education meet acceptable levels of quality. ENQA, the ecu Association for Quality Assurance in teaching, describes the role of external quality assurance in education jointly that "combines each responsibility for the support of the general public associate degreed an objective and organic process role for enhancing quality in institutions". within the space of on-line education, it's necessary to avoid unauthorized certification mills that supply pretend degrees, as these ar sadly common. Students seeking valid on-line degrees ought to acquire proof of certification from associate degree applicable national or regional accrediting body. In the us, on-line schools that ar totally authorised have earned a widely known kind of university certification from one among six regional certification boards.[3] every of six geographic regions of the us has one among these boards, a non-governmental agency that oversees and accredits degree-granting establishments headquartered in their areas. The U.S. Department of Education and therefore the Council for teaching certification (CHEA) acknowledge the space Education and coaching Council (DETC) because the accrediting organization for distance learning establishments and teaching programs that supply on-line degrees. However, DETC certification is often (though not universally) viewed as inferior to regional certification, and regionally authorised colleges could refuse to simply accept transfer credit from DETC-accredited colleges a lot of usually than they might refuse credit from alternative regionally-accredited colleges. Outside of the us, alternative national and regional standards of certification hold, and will be extremely substantiative of, distance education. as an example, the Universitat Oberta DE Catalunya, or university of dominion, has been authorised by AQU, the Agency for Quality Assurance within the Catalan University System (a full member of ENQA), since its origination in 1995, and has been known as a "significant success story" as "the world's initial continuous, and property, virtual university".[5]Similarly, in Ireland, the upper Education and coaching Awards Council (HETAC) has authorised variety of on-line schools and degrees, e.g. Setanta faculty.

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