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How to combine and manipulate food remedies

How to combine and manipulate food remedies - Food combining drugs is something that is very important. Discrepancies in combine food ingredients will result in such benefits medicines food ineffectiveness or even harmful effects against patients. For example, only the persimmon is ripe in the autumn and dried persimmon pulp is traditional food consumed on the elderly this season to strengthen the affluent and provide a beneficial effect for lungs.

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However, if the crabs, which are also widely available in the fall, consumed together with persimmon will harm patients, because of the effect that weakens the performance of the digestive organs. This is a result of Clotting proteins contained in crab meat through the Tannic acid in the reaction in persimmon, which sometimes causes hardening of the digestive organs that make digestive functions becomes difficult. This phenomenon was discovered in the early books by zhang zhongjingSynopsis Of The Golden Chamber.

Zhang Zhingjing mentions in his book the various limitations of dairy foods, such as asthmatics are prohibited from consuming too much gingko, or the chronic sufferers forbidden to eat logan fruit or Chinese dates are excessive. satisfactory results can only be obtained when the doses and combining the right combined, if not then the effects of hazards.

Chinese cooking techniques are well known. Although most cooking techniques in diet therapy with techniques very similar to cook every day, diet therapy has some characteristics of special cooking techniques. China's food-processing techniques have various methods, such as boiling, frying, grilling, searing, roasted with seeds, roasted peanuts with a donkey, boil over low heat in quite a long time, boil with a little water, Sautéing, frying quickly and soon. The main purpose of these techniques-techniques, though how varied, Is to arouse and increase the appetite of prospective consumers.

Through a wide variety of game color, aroma and flavor that are attractive and harmonious, and the aroma of delicious that can arouse the appetite of patients. The method of cooking food diet therapy is higher than regular food. This is due to the fact that most patients lose their appetite, foods that are not cooked correctly will lower the appetite of patients and will eventually make his condition worse.

Since most medications have a sense of a strange and awful, then there is no doubt that the food must be processed drugs carefully can lead to a delicious and attractive scent. A reliable remedy foods put up and can cook delicious food drugs to the patients who are unaware that he is drug consumption. In the end, the disease incurable accidentally just because of a meal. In addition to attractive appearance, Makananan drug should be digested quickly in General, Foods medication must be lightweight, easy to digest and not greasy. Oily and fatty foods high in digestible and not ruin the appetite, and in the end, did not provide the expected effect.

That is, how to combine and manipulate food be medicine, which is useful for your readers articles about these simple health, if you have any questions or criticism and advice with the article above, please provide your comment, in the available columns below, may be useful, thank you.


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