Drug Foods To Overcome Cold Illness

In traditional Chinese medicine, colds in differentiation into 2 types, types of cold wind and hot wind. Both types of this disease require the application of different medicinal foods. Here I will give the recipes, by making only food, which contains medicine, of course with natural ingredients.

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If the wind is cold: the symptoms are fever, chills, without sweating, headaches, pain all over the body, stuffy nasal congestion, pale tongue and heart pounding.To overcome cold type cold wind disease, can try prescription herbal medicine as below.

1. Stew the ginger with sugar
Main ingredients: 25 g of ginger, clean and cut into small pieces, then put in a container. Add boiling water and cover the container for 5 - 10 minutes, Add the same amount of red sugar (25 grams). Drink the stew while hot, then blanket the patient, rest and let the dust out.

2. Decoction of green onion and ginger
Main ingredients: Chives and fresh ginger, each 25 gr. Cut into small pieces. Prepare a small bowl of rice vermicelli or rice noodles or regular noodles with salt. Add pieces of ginger and spring onion. Eat the noodles, then blanket the patient, rest and let the sweat out.

Types of hot winds: symptoms are high fever, no chills, slight sweating, dry and red eyes, sore throat, headache, slightly yellowish tongue - Brass and palpitations.

1. Chrysanthemum, mint leaves and mullberry leaf
Open Chrysanthemum and mint leaves each 5 grams, bitter bamboo leaves and roots of alang - alang each - 30 grams, and 3 grams of mint leaves. Put all the ingredients in a bowl or cup, pour boiling water and cover for 10 minutes, then drink the boiled water, like drinking tea.

2. Mint candy
Boil 500 grams of sugar and sugar cane with enough water on medium heat, until it becomes sticky, then slowly add 5 ml of mint powder or mint oil and stirring constantly until the dough sticks to the mixer such as kapok. Pour the dough into a large porcelain container (coated the container with a little cooking oil). Then cut the dough that has hardened into small pieces, eat a few Cut a day for a cold that is not so severe.

Those are the 2 types of cold disease and how to treat them with medicines made from natural herbal foods, these discussions, if you have any questions or criticisms and suggestions with this article, please comment on the fields provided below.

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