4 medicinal food recipes healers jaundice/hepatitis

Jaundice is a disease that causes the skin and eyeballs into yellow, this disease can solve the red blood cells, inflammation or abnormalities in the liver, bile duct clogging. This disease often occurs in the find on a new baby in born and rarely occurs in adults, but when it occurs in adults, usually people that too often downed alcohol.

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Then how to treat this disease, I will explain how to make drugs that are made of herbal and natural foods, see discussion below.

Food Remedies For Jaundice

That's the intent here is jaundice without gallstones or type of hemolytic jaundice, Dying with a slight fever can be desirable with the method below.

1. bone Soup and vinegar
Take 100 ml of vinegar (most good vinegar is thick), 500 grams of fresh pork bones (best spine) and red and white sugar each 125 grams.

Destroy pork bones with a mallet, then soak in vinegar. Add the brown sugar and white and then boil for half an hour. After cold immediately strain the decoction with muslin. Waste drugs and save the liquid that has been on the strain in bottles. A dose of this medicine should match with the aged sufferer:

5-10 years 10-15 ml
11-15 years-20-30 ml
Adults 30-40 ml

3 times a day after meal, one month per the recipe. Drink stopping the medication for 1 week before drinking the medicine at the next recipe. For jaundice/chronic hepatitis may be needed 2-3 recipes.

2. Powder loach fish
Save some fish for 1-2 day life loach in fresh water to clean up the grime in the animal. Bake in the oven with a temperature of 100 ° C to dry, if you don't have an oven, so the material can be boiled, then drain on top of the stove. crush into powder.

Dosage: 10 grams, three times a day. For children, the dose must be on the decrease. One recipe can last for 12-16 days. For chronic patients, multiple doses may be needed.

3. freshwater snail Soup
grab the Snail tail 10-20 snail lives in freshwater for animal 1-2 can clean the dirt in it. Breakthe shell and then remove the flesh. Mix into a cup of the wine of yellow, rinse with water and cook. Drinking water stew. You can also eat her flesh. Drink 2 times a day for some time depending on the reaction.

4. Chinese date Porridge
Clean wash 10-20 seeds Chinese dates. 100 grams of cooked rice, add dates when the water begins to boil, stirring until the porridge thickens. This slurry must eat every day in a long period of time. If you can not find the Chinese dates, you can substitute with 30 grams of the fruit of Chinese wolfberry. Cook the same as usual.

Finish the discussion above, about food recipes, to address drug jaundice/hepatitis, if you have any questions or criticism and advice. Provide your comments on the place comment available below, may be useful, thank you.

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