Step-by-Step Buying Car Insurance

Step-by-Step Buying Car Insurance - Want to buy car insurance? But, still puzzled how? For that, I will provide information about the steps in buying car insurance.

An insurance company or an insurance agent
You can come directly to one reliable insurance company. For example Sinar Mas, Asuransi Astra Buana, Asuransi Central Asia, etc. Additionally, you can also access via the Internet or via email. You also can buy from an insurance agent.

Choosing the type of products offered
Usually, insurance companies offer a variety of car insurance packages. As the insurance company AXA which offers 4 types of car insurance products namely Silver, Gold, Paltinum, and Paltinum Plus. Of course, the four products have the assurance and premiums are different, you live determines the choice. \

Completing documents
To get a car insurance policy, you should also include documents required by the insurance company. Usually the general frequently used documents that a copy of the vehicle registration of vehicles and customer ID.

pay premiums
If this type of protection, type of package, and the protection of the expansion have been, things you have to do is pay the premium. How do I calculate the premium? The trick is to multiply the price of the car you have the premium rate offered by the company.

Then add what kind of protection you choose. For example the price of your car is 200 million, the insurance companies provide premium rate 2.85%, and the guarantee extension for third parties amounted to 50 thousand rupiah. Means the premium that you pay per year is 5,750 thousand rupiah.

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