Car Insurance Claim Procedure

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Car Insurance Claim Procedure - The claim was an attempt policyholder asks for compensation to the insurance company because of an accident or theft of the insured car. What is the procedure for submission of claims to be made by the policyholder?

Call the insurance company
If your car is in an accident or stolen, what should you do first is contact the insurance company in question within 3 x 24 hours (can be via phone, SMS, via email, or directly come to the company). This is to avoid rejection of your car insurance claim because they reason passing of a predetermined time period.

Provide photographic evidence
At the time of the accident and the car is still able to walk, you should take the car to the workshop partners one insurance company. If your car was badly damaged, we recommend a photo or document in advance. This photo will be evidence that it actually had an accident.

Filling in form
You also have to fill out a form provided by the insurance company. This form as one of the documents completeness to the success of your claim.

Provide clear information
The next thing you have to do is provide information about the sequence of events on the insurance company with truth. This would be considered an insurance company if your claim is rejected (because it provides information that is fictitious) or received (as it provides information that makes sense).

Preparing document
You must also complete the documents offered by insurance companies. The documents were as follows:

Documents accident
claimFormulir claims have been filled. The new claims process will be the insurance company, if the policyholder has been filling in the claim form to complete.
Photocopy of auto insurance policy. This document to prove that he was actually a customer of the insurance company. In addition, to determine whether the premium has been paid according to the agreement or not.

Photocopy of the SIM. The document is to determine whether or not he has been permitted by the police for driving a car.

Photocopy of the vehicle registration. It also became evident that his car or not.
A certificate from the police. This document is also taken into consideration the company to provide compensation or not.

Document third party liability (if any third party)
Affidavit claims for compensation from a third party. This document makes the assurance that it is true that the policyholder causes damage to third party cars.

Affidavit no insurance. Usually there are some insurance companies will not be compensation if third parties have car insurance. Therefore, this document becomes a necessary condition.

Photocopy of driver's license, identification card, and vehicle registration. SIM to ensure that the correct driver already has permission from the police. ID cards and registration is evidence that the car is his property.

A certificate from the police. This letter proves that indeed at the time and in that place there was an accident on the car.

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