Benefits of Buying Car Insurance

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance - Why are so many people who buy car insurance? The reason is because the person was aware of the magnitude of the benefits of buying car insurance. What are the benefits of car insurance?

Can do with the right financial plan
By purchasing car insurance means you have done a financial plan appropriately. This means that the funds you spend each year can be beneficial for the future. In other words, it can provide protection if one day an accident or loss on the car.

Cost of damage to the car due to riots, sabotage and natural disasters will be replaced
The insurance company will also reimburse the cost of damage to the car due to riots, sabotage and natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, or landslide). However, for the damage caused by natural disasters are not all insurance companies cover only a few men-only.

The cost of losing the car was also replaced
There are also insurance companies that reimburse the policyholder or the car lost some are replacing with a new car. Of note, the car lost not because of the influence of hypnosis, not because leased to others (for insurance companies that only insure a private car), or because of acts of fraud or cheating.

Cost of treatment of the driver and passengers are covered
In addition, usually the insurance company will give you the cost of care and treatment for car drivers and passengers in case of accidents. Average cost driver is usually around 50 thousand rupiah and passenger 10 thousand rupiah per person.

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