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Information of HIV Aids

Having HIV Means You Have AIDS 

MYTH. The last phase of HIV (human immunodeficiency infection) disease is (AIDS). When you get a HIV disease, you have it forever, however it doesn't advance to AIDS in all individuals. With antiretroviral treatment (ART) numerous individuals can carry on with an ordinary future with HIV contamination. 

It's Difficult to Get HIV From Casual Contact 

Reality. HIV is not spread from easygoing contact, air, water, sharing dishes, latrine seats, or salivation. The infection can't live for long stretches outside the body. HIV is spread through natural liquids including blood, semen, and bosom milk and it is conceivable to spread the malady by having unprotected sex, and sharing needles. Less regularly, HIV can be gone on through bosom milk, blood transfusions (this is uncommon in light of the fact that the blood supply in the U.S. is deliberately screened), and being screwed over thanks to a HIV-defiled needle or question. 

You Only Have A Few Years To Live 

MYTH. Toward the begin of the AIDS pestilence, the future was just a few years, be that as it may, that is no more the case. New medicines and medications have amplified the lives of individuals with HIV and numerous can carry on with a typical life range. With early mediation you might have the capacity to keep HIV from getting to be AIDS. 

Anybody Can Get HIV 

Actuality. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gauges 1.1 million individuals age 13 and more seasoned are contaminated with HIV, and 50,000 individuals are recently tainted every year. Anybody can be tainted with HIV. In 2010, men who engage in sexual relations with men represented 63% of new contaminations, and ladies represented 20% of new diseases. The frequency of HIV among African-Americans is around 8 times as high as in whites. 

Sex Is Safe When Both Partners Have HIV 

MYTH. Regardless of the possibility that both accomplices are HIV-positive and side effect free, one may at present convey another sexually transmitted disease (STI). What's more, you and your accomplice may have diverse varieties (strains) of the HIV infection. Utilizing condoms and dentals dams is constantly more secure. Latex condoms secure the best against HIV contamination; lambskin condoms don't give any insurance as the infection can go through them. 

You Can Have a Baby in the event that You Are HIV-Positive 

Reality. Pregnant ladies who are HIV positive can pass the HIV infection to their infants. It can happen amid pregnancy, amid vaginal labor, or while breastfeeding. Be that as it may, if the mother gets treatment with antiretroviral drugs amid pregnancy, has a C-segment conveyance, and abstains from breastfeeding, she can extraordinarily decrease the danger of passing the contamination on to her infant. 

Other HIV-Related Infections are Unavoidable 

MYTH. Individuals with HIV are powerless against what is called sharp contaminations. These incorporate tuberculosis, pneumonia, septicemia (blood harming), candidiasis, herpes, cytomegalovirus, and some HIV-related growths, for example, Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Antiretroviral treatment can extraordinarily lessen your danger for getting these pioneering diseases by expanding your CD4 cells. Different contaminations can be forestalled with medicines.

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