This level of influence allows students a high degree of independence from caltech administration.Over the years,students have been able to shape their own unique way of life without much administrative interference.This has created many quirky traditions,one of the wackiest being senior Ditch Day,which was featured on the Tonight show's ''jaywalking''in the summer of 2002.One day every may,all the seniors ditch their classes and leave campus,many years ago,underclassmen began to prank seniors'rooms while they were gone.The seniors by ''countered''their rooms,creating barriers to keep students from getting in on Ditch Day.Over the years,these stacks have become more elaborate,and now most take the form of an all-day scavenger hunt,where students run around campus collecting clues that will unlock the seniors'rooms.The Institute has relented to the students,and now cancels classes every year for Ditch Day.Every year,this creates some unexpected sights,which can really be understood only by those going through it,Ditch Day is somewhat representative of the entire students experience at caltech;it is quirky and unpredictable,and is exactly what caltech students enjoy.

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