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Summing up

Most things at caltech are not truly unique;there are many small schools where undergraduates live in an intimate environment,and there are many world-class research institutions where undergraduates have the opportunity to learn science and do research.However,caltech is the only place where two ideas coexist on a single campus.They come together whit great success,as caltech consistently ranks among the top schools in the world.This makes the California Institute of Technology truly special and very difficult to describe on paper.

One big thing that nobody realizes until they step onto campus is how beautiful the landscape is the student house are flanked by brick pathways lined with orange trees on one side and olive trees on the other.Palm trees dot the campus and quiet ponds are home to lily pads,turtles and bullfrogs.Every few weeks,a couple takes advantage of this scenery and gets married on campus;many more use caltech as a backdrop for their wedding photos.This may have inspired the producers of The Wedding planner to bring Jennifer Lopez on campus recently.Caltech students also recognize their campus in Legally Blonde,Orange County,and many other movies,as well as a host of TV shows.Located a few miles from Hollywood,Caltech is a prime site for filming on location.The northern and western sides of campus are decorated with rose,which reveal another often forgotten aspect of caltech;It is located in Pasadena,California,home of the Tournament of Roses.Each year,the Rose Parade marches within a few blocks of campus and all caltech women are eligible to enter tryouts for Rose queen.
This tiny schools is filled with surprises,and four years isn't nearly enough time to uncover them All.Caltech is a small school where there is big  science.Its students are high achievers,but forego competition for an Honor System .Its beautifully landscaped campus shares space with cutting -edge scientific facilities.It is a place where Novel Prize winners are spotted wearing shorts and T-shirts.It has innumerable extracurricular activities.It employs more Ph.D.S than there are undergraduates.It requires its literature and economics majors to learn quantum physics.It provides a top-notch education and charges less tuition than most peers . Can all of that exist at one place?At Caltech,it has existed for more than 100 years.Coming to Caltech is certainly not for everyone,but for those who truly love science,there is no better place .The Caltech undergraduate experience is a wild and amazing ride,and there is never a shortage of things to do .Four years at Caltech forever changes the way every student looks at himself or herself,and most graduates agree that it is one of the most exciting periods of their lives .The shared journey bonds students together,and many make friends that last a lifetime.For all graduates,it is an experience they will never forget-once a Techer,always a Techer.          


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