That is not to say that the Barnard experience is solely an academic .The college takes pride
in the amazing collective talent of its actors and athletes,debaters and dancers.Indeed,its strength comes from its unparalleled diversity-students hail from forty-eight states and forty countries,from around the corner and around the world.One in three Barnard students identifies herself as Asian American,African American/Black,Latina,or Native American.Participation and leadership in extracurricular activities-clubs,teams,youth groups, or community service opportunities-are part of the admissions picture.Holding down a part-time job is also considered in this category,as some high school students  are activity is always students a plus.It shows your ability to stay with some thing for longer than it takes to get your picture taken for the yearbook .A liberal arts college wants to educate students to be good citizens,not simply good scholars.Participation in the community,which after translates into activity and volunteer participation,is a reality at Barnard ,a positive reality.

Standardized Tests and the Essay
        Now , about those pesky standardized tests.They are required ,they count for something,and it's a good idea to do your best on them .They are the one measure that can be used to compare students no matter where they're from.That said,as the official admissions materials state,"no preconceived profile of an ideal student population limits the number of the application,students should feel free to show some personality and let their individual quirks and interests peek through,The essays are a student's golden opportunity to express herself,her views,and her goals-and not knowing exactly what to do with one's life is a terrific place to start as a Barnard first-year student.

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