Barnard is ,quite simply,'hot',which is both exciting and daunting.Everybody and her sister
seems to be applying,creating a stir among prospective students and the admissions staff.In recent years,the college has barely utilized its waiting list,indicating that the "yiold" of students initially offered admission has got a point where the ideal number of new students can be attained in one fell swoop.Barnard's applicant pool has increased by 162% or 2.6 times larger than in 1991,making it the most sought -after women' college in America.
            Getting into Barnard isn't all that easy,but there is no single criterion a student can point and know,"THIS is the reason i was admitted."The application process is the usual ,including personal data,high school transcripts,official copies  of standardized test scores(either the ACT or the SAT plus two SAT Subject tests,and three recommendations-one from a principal or counselor and two from teachers preferably in academic subject areas).To apply to Barnard ,students must submit the Common Application in addition to the Barnard College supplement.If Barnard is the student's first choice ,she may apply for Early Decision(ED),the deadline is November 15.Applicants may be deferred to the general application pool if they are denied admission.The regular deadline for application is January 1.
            The admission staff at Barnard works hard to make sure that each student offered admission will thrive in her own way .The dead application to Barnard has a solid record,pursues divers interests,and shows promise that she will take advantage of the breadth and depth of experiences the college and New York City will offer her.     

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