My vision of college was a nebulous one before my freshman year.I never imagined that " learning could take place while sitting among my classmates in the living room of one of my professor's houses and discussing issues of the "other'' or the problem of choice in a pluralistic society. I never imagined that so much of my education would be attributed to long talks in dorm hallways late at night while procrastinating challenging assignments.And i surely never imagined that my college experience would endow study abroad or work experience in dozen different countries.

Distribution requirements
Take the liberal in liberal arts college seriously.Students choose from fifty -five majors with the option of self-designing a major as well.Yet that's not to say that the academic program falls anywhere short of demanding and powerful.Connecticut college's academic program within the major is extensive with its requirements.In addition,there are seven general education requirements [seven courses from seven different academic areas],a language requirement,and a writing across the curriculum requirement.Students must take a foreign language course at the intermediate level or study a new language for two semesters.Placement at the intermediate level is achieved by passing a college-administered oral and written proficiency exam during orientation.I found that many students took advantage of the plethora of language study program and services offered by the college [see study abroad section].
Connecticut college students have the unique opportunity of applying to a number of centers and programs that are designed to integrate a student's major with a service project,domestic or international intensive science research,or other technologically 

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