Recently the greenhouse ,gymnasium and major lecture halls were refurbished and
upgraded,student computer consultants are available around the clock in each residence hall,and Elie  wiesel and alumna Suzanne Vega(among others) appeared before large and enthusiastic audiences.Not bad for a college whose mission is to educate and support the growth of some 2,300 students, all of whom are motivated and talented all of whom are women.
              Paradoxically , it is easy to forget that Barnard is a women's college,what with the intellectual excitement and the variety of activity on the campus .Barnard's unique relationship with Columbia University means that Barnard's woman have access to a coed experience at all times ,but on their own terms .It also means that the Barnard faculty and administration have as their main focus and attention the female Barnard student body ,not the coed masses across the street(literally-Columbia's campus is just on the east side of Broadway),Therefore ,the Barnard student is taught by faculty members rather than teaching assistants.These scholars are experts in their fields and have immeasurable resources that they share with their students.Or, as one young alumna put it.
                Add to this wonderful mixture Barnard New York City location-now considered the safest major city in America by the FB-and one begins to see what all the fuss is about .A stroll down Broadway ,a bus ride uptown,or a subway trip to Greenwich Village enables students to experiment in the most diverse cultural laboratory this side of the United Nations (where students regularly intern) .The glam or of fifth Avenue and the glitter of Broadway are equally accessible.And ,as in any urban setting, opportunities abound to the homeless, tutors in the America Reads program,and providers of hot meals through the Community Lunch Program.So nice they named it twice,New York is a great college town.

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