Computer Science Degree Programs

We offer a wide range of courses that prepare you to be an experienced software professional in Java, C, C#, .NET, Oracle, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, Android and SQL, to name a few.

Internet Programming

Surfing the Web has been part of our daily life. Web Programming will teach you how to program on both client and server sides. You will gain hands-on experiences on setting, configuring, administrating web server.

Game Design and Development

If you like to play computer games, and want to write your own, then Introduction to Game Design, Game Development, Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence are must-take. You may also want to choose the Game Development Option as your major.

Apply What You Learn

We emphasize real world applications. You will find the skills learned from Computer Programming, Android Programming, Applications Programming in C# and .NET, Advanced Applications Programming in Java, Interactive Systems Design, C and UNIX Systems Programming, Database, Computer Networking, Computer Security, and Software Engineering to be very attractive to your future employers.

Hardware and System Programming

You certainly want to know what’s going on under the cover of a computer. We will explain them to you in Computer Organization, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems.

Strong Foundation

A solid foundation is important for advancement in your career. We offer Data Structures, Programming Languages, Discrete Structures and Graph Theory, to name a few.

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