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Want to study in the UK? Our guide contains all the information you need to start at a university in England , Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. In terms of popularity with the international students , the UK is second only to the U.S. considerably higher . So: what exactly is the appeal of studying in the UK? UK universities An obvious starting point would be the universities , one of which - Cambridge University - you may just have heard , as it is currently ranked as the second best university in the world, according to the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings (he was the first in 2010 and 11 ) . You also probably know of Cambridge's historic rival , the University of Oxford . But there's more to the UK universities just Oxford or Cambridge. Four UK universities currently occupy the top 10 in the world. There are a total of 30 institutions in the top 200 , and 55 in the top 700 . The shortage of options, and then not be a problem for international students UK destination . Living in the UK But while finding the right college should be very high on the list for review an international student , it will not be the only consideration . So what is living in the UK I like? The four constituent states of the United Kingdom (England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland ) enjoy beautiful natural areas , and historic and colorful past of the nation means no shortage of history - is also evident in the idiosyncratic customs and traditions you'll have almost certainly find. And wherever you're parked , relatively tiny size of the country means you can easily hop on a train or in a car ( just remember to drive on the left ... ) and be a completely different place in less than an hour. There are also many cultural activities : the scene of live contemporary music is vibrant and varied , London is one of the world's fashion capitals , and no shortage of cultural activities than they should be more up your alley. If you fancy something a little less taxing on the mind , you can embrace the national passion for the sport (football, rugby , cricket , boxing , motor racing and tennis, among others) or the classic British pastime just go to the pub. And even questionable British cuisine has undergone a renaissance in recent years , so you need no longer fear the hard meat and boiled vegetables of yesteryear.

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